Every brand needs lawyers. Without them, “sundress radio” does not work, which often becomes another marketing channel and brings a large proportion of clients. Let’s find out what types of ardent brand fans exist.

Leaders of opinion

These days they are different media persons or popular bloggers. Their peculiarity is that if they are really loyal to the brand:

  • can make it free (or discounted) advertising on Instagram, for example.
  • recommend the brand to their friends-leaders, which is also very useful.


They love to talk about their experiences with the brand and do so quite often. They just like to evaluate restaurants, beauty salons, delivery services, and more and then share their experiences. If they like the brand, they will stand behind it with a mountain.


These are the people who always write reviews, subscribe to brands in social networks, and interact with them there, taking part in activations. Perhaps such an audience leads to fewer customers, but they are also loyal to the brand and will stay with it forever with the right interaction.

Owners, employees and others

They create this brand and therefore automatically become loyal to it. If they are also opinion leaders, that’s great.

Experts in the field

Usually, these people are very trusted, so their opinion about your brand is unrealistically valuable. If it is positive – cool, if it is negative, perhaps you should listen.

Source: Telegram-channel

Volodymyr Kuzma

Volodymyr Kuzma

“Formal education will make you a living; self-education will make you a fortune.” – Jim Rohn