Google employee John Mueller in the new video #AskGoogleWebmasters answered 7 questions on SEO. He has answered many of them before, but it is not superfluous to hear the expert’s opinion once again.

What’s the difference between 301 and 302 redirects?

Both redirect users to another address. The difference between 301 and 302 redirects is very small and not always catchable. A 301 redirect is a permanent redirect, so Google will stick to the new address. The 302 redirect is a temporary redirect, so Google will go back to the beginning to double-check the data.

301 and 302 redirects are just different ways to redirect. If possible, you should use the correct redirect, but do not worry about its impact on SEO.

What is the difference between code 404 and 410?

Both server response codes tell Google that the page has disappeared. In theory, the 410 code could be a little faster. In practice, however, both are processed the same way on an ordinary website.

Which is should the Description meta tag or Title tag be?

There is no fixed length. You should focus on making them unique, attractive and useful. You need to give people the information they’re looking for, and then Google will highlight your pages among others.

Can I use characters in headlines?

Absolutely! Google tries not to show misleading symbols and not so many people are looking for them, but you can use symbols.

What role do keywords play in URLs?

Words in a URL do not play a big role for web pages, but most CMSs make it easy to create a URL from words. So use them if you already have them, but don’t worry if they don’t exist. Keep in mind that Google uses words in image file headers. The cuterobot.gif header is definitely better than the image-1138.gif header.

Which is better for pages: the end of PHP or HTML?

Both are great. I would only recommend not to change one variant to another unless you already make big changes.

Is there a secret to ranking better?

I am sorry, but there is no secret. Having a site in excellent technical condition and with great content is the first step towards a good ranking. Let’s compare it to baking the best cookies. You want to make something out of good ingredients, with recipes from trustworthy bakers, so that you end up with something that you can’t get elsewhere.

Stand out, use good technique, great content, do the best for today, something you will be proud of in the long run. Our algorithms don’t take into account the number of words on the page, just like you don’t rate the taste of cookies by weight. If you want Google to recommend your pages as amazing, do something amazing.

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