Friends, I’d like to bring up a sensitive topic. The theme of deception in marketing. But let’s not talk about morality (it’s clear here), but about money. Let’s be frank… …any sales are manipulation. Most products today are bought not because they are vital, but because marketers have tried.

The task of marketing is to manipulate people’s consciousness so that they want to buy a product. This is not good or bad – this is fact and reality. Even the most cynical and pragmatic marketer buys products under the manipulation of another marketer.

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But there is one facet that is often loved to cross. This facet is the False.

And the lie can be either a little (without harming the buyer) or a big one.

In the first case, you can say: “This is the last batch. There will be no more!” And in a month, you can put it out again, but with a different name.

It seems to be a harmless lie. The buyer doesn’t seem to be suffering, but there’s still some sludge.

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In the second case, there is actually a substitution of notions or even fraud. For example, selling a hair dryer under a “manual heater” sauce (there were such cases). Or the famous “window adjustment”, when they hang ads or call and present the management company.

It happens that such substitutions may cost your life or health at all (hello scammers-distributors of dietary supplements for all diseases).

My position is simple: to lie in marketing is not acceptable. It always affects your income. And for the worse… Well, in a human way… …your conscience will be clearer.

Do marketing honestly and make more money!

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Volodymyr Kuzma

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