Marketers teach that a unique trade offer is the most important thing. You can’t see sales without it. And what if the product is as simple as a valenok and does not stand out among competitors?

One of the options is to improve your product a little. How to do it? Why is there a huge number of fakes in the world, and their turnover sometimes exceeds the income from the sale of originals?

Simply because the unsophisticated person, when looking from the outside, will not distinguish the fake from the original. And the price of the first one is usually nicer. Well, that’s the thing.

Of course, it’s not a guide to action, you don’t have to fake anything. But why not do it like this:

“Bags are the same shape as the novelty of the season from…”

The service is packed in such a chic package that it is left as a small change box.

Any items autographed by a celebrity. And it’s not just an ashtray, board or cup anymore.

Tea and coffee, which are not packed in the usual zip-pack or jar, but in special linen bags “preserving the flavor”.

This way to increase the price of goods and customer loyalty to it for a long time and successfully use.

For example, pepper in a glass jar with a mill. This is an analogue of an expensive handmill, but how effective!

A knife with an ordinary metal blade is painted and it becomes like a ceramic one.

A machine with a sporty design that has no sporting function.

Stamped discs, painted under casting.

“You can “improve” any product, even the simplest one. You just need a little fantasy.

Source: Telegram-channel


Volodymyr Kuzma

“Formal education will make you a living; self-education will make you a fortune.” – Jim Rohn