Attracting users to your Insta-account is half the battle. We still need to understand how to keep them, how to make sure that users not only look through the page, but also stay with you for a long time. Get some basic recommendations.

Qualitative content.

Content is an important part of the promotion. It needs to be worked on in the first place. Without high-quality filling of the account you will not get the desired result from the promotion. When the user gets to your account, he should want to stay. And for this you need a good photo / video, useful unique content and involvement (about this below).

Engagement mechanics.

Users have two main motivations for subscribing to an account – benefit and interest. If you benefit from the content, you can get interested in the engagement mechanics. These are interactive games, shenanigans, street polls, post communication, etc. Your account should not be boring.

Constant promotion.

Even the most loyal subscribers can unsubscribe off in time. And that’s normal – people’s interests change. That’s why it’s very important to constantly work on attracting new audiences, using all opportunities – targeting, advertising from bloggers, name contests …

If you want to get an active quality audience and increase your profile activity, I strongly recommend using name contests with bloggers as one of the promotion tools. But only through verified organizers!

Good luck 🙌🏼.

Source: Telegram-channel


Volodymyr Kuzma

“Formal education will make you a living; self-education will make you a fortune.” – Jim Rohn