For an ambitious person, there always comes a time when you need to look for ways to further develop and advance in the career. Here is the story of enthusiasm and the fact that money does not always make the result.

Always Leave the Comfort Zone

I’ve been fascinated by football since I was a child and always wanted to be involved in this sphere. I’ve been following popular bloggers, journalists and thinking about how to combine my skills with this sport.

One day I saw that one of my favorite bloggers had a page blocked on Instagram. He started regaining his audience and was blocked again. For the third time, I started to develop the page again and frankly speaking, I was amazed by the moral firmness and love for my work. Kuzinho (his nickname) is always creative in writing articles.

I have submitted a proposal to create my own, independent website. After agreeing on the details, we came to an agreement on the creation and distribution of responsibilities.

I applied my knowledge and managed to create and launch the site myself. The budget was limited because of certain risks. Kuzinho worked on content creation.

Link –

The site was launched on August 20, 2019. At the moment I am working on its promotion in search engines. For today I can say that the risk was justified and the project is rapidly developing. I will report further results.

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Volodymyr Kuzma

Volodymyr Kuzma

“Formal education will make you a living; self-education will make you a fortune.” – Jim Rohn


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