This story is a personal experience that should help you avoid such stories. I have no desire to discredit this service for online earning.

Volodymyr Kuzma | Identity Verification On Upwork

This unpleasant situation occurred on May 26, 2019, I received an e-mail with the following message: “Your Fiverr account has been disconnected.”

I tried to solve this problem and avoid punishment, but the support service categorically refused to consider my appeal. I also wanted to be provided with evidence of a violation of the rules on my part – in response, trivial, template answers, without proof.

Volodymyr Kuzma | Feedback From A Satisfied Customer For The Work Done

Money that was in the account is not returned. There wasn’t much, but money earned.

I am for a constructive dialogue on both sides. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen.

Feedback on this company is good, but there are many situations similar to mine.

Volodymyr Kuzma

Volodymyr Kuzma

“Formal education will make you a living; self-education will make you a fortune.” – Jim Rohn


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