Zazzle Media Company presented the results of the second annual survey devoted to the current state of search engine optimization – State of SEO 2019.

Several thousand marketing specialists took part in the survey, 70% of which are employees of companies and 30% – agencies. Employees of the largest brands in the UK, including Disney, MoneySuperMarket, the RAC, Oxfam,,, and British Gas, shared their opinions with the researchers.

Research Results

According to the report, SEO became an even more important element of marketing strategies in 2019 than in 2018. This year, 97% of respondents agreed that search engine optimization plays a significant role in the promotion strategy, and its importance as a channel continues to grow. Last year, the share of such responses was 88%.

The effectiveness of SEO was recognized by 97% of respondents. The most effective tactics of the survey participants were the saturation with keywords and the use of anchor text with exact correspondence.

Meanwhile, over the past year, investment in search has declined. In 2018, investments in this channel accounted for 48% of total marketing budgets, and in 2019 – only 22%, i.e. less than a quarter.

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The main reasons for the decrease in organic search costs are the lack of resources and funds.

Also, despite the importance of this channel, more than half of marketers (53%) admitted that they are “newcomers” to SEO. Almost a third of respondents still do not know how to measure the impact of search engine optimization on campaign results.

Many marketers complain that they lack “best practices” in SEO. And about 15% of respondents would like clearer recommendations from Google Webmasters.

“As an industry we need to learn, learn and learn – at virtually every level of the customer infrastructure… While knowledge has always been a strength in this industry, tracking updates, news and recommendations from Google and Bing can provide the advantage in the results needed to get these additional budgets,” said Stuart Shaw, head of search and strategy for Zazzle Media.

The infographics, which contains the main findings of the study, can be found here.

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Volodymyr Kuzma

Volodymyr Kuzma

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